RM Rodriguez Construction LP

The quality of his work as well as the work performed under his direction is outstanding.

"As City Manager for the City of Morgan's Point Resort, Texas, it is with great respect and admiration for Mr. Rene Rodriguez and his firm RM Rodriguez Construction that I am writing this letter of recommendation."


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Rodriguez both professionally and personally for the last 12 or more years.  In that time I have witnessed his outstanding character, professional dedication along with his tireless and effective project management skills."

"Mr Rodriguez is a very well respected member of this entire Community.  He is a man who gives selflessly of his time, knowledge and experience.  He masterfully demonstrates the ability to work with all people regardless of the persons place, stature or position within his projects."

"Rene and RM Rodriguez Construction were awarded a contract in 2009 to design and build a new 7,000 sq.ft. Emergency Services Center.  He was given a strict budget and a long list of requirements for the facility."

"Using his abilities Rene designed and constructed the entire facility on time and under budget."

"The quality of his work as well as the work performed under his direction is outstanding."

"As a City Manager for 13 years and a Corporate Leader for 20 years, I have been part of many construction projects.  Of all these projects, this Emergency Services Center was by far the most cost effective and trouble free design and build project I have ever had the pleasure to work on."

"Please accept our best letter of recommendation as part of your decision in your selection process."


Mr. Stacy W. Hitchman
City Manager
City of Morgan's Point Resort, TX