RM Rodriguez Construction LP

Without Rene, our project would still be grounded

Holy Trinity Catholic High School

"Our new school consists of 13 classrooms, a chapel, administration areas, a library, a gymnasium, and other amenities that total over 29,000 SF.  Rene Rodriguez has provided great leadership, excellent craftsmanship, and a skilled workforce to build the school of our dreams."

"Rene has been a pleasure to work with as well.  As you also know, we are utilizing the Construction manager at Risk contract method for delivering this project.  We like this method because it gives the owner complete control over cost, materials, methods, and value.  Rene has been very upfront in coaching our building committee on many decisions.  RM Rodriguez Construction will deliver this project in less than 10 months of construction time."

"Without Rene, our project would still be grounded.  In addition to the above, Rene will be a great asset prior to construction to assist you in building the project within your budget."

Bruce A. Matous, President, Board of Directors
Holy Trinity Catholic High School